Children's University

The Children’s University is an international critically-acclaimed charity which encourages all children aged 5 to 14 years to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills through learning outside of the school day.

 Participating in extra curricular activities raise aspiration, self-esteem and confidence, encourage curiosity and a love of learning, enhance motivation and build resilience, introduce new life experiences and offer progression in learning and personal skills development.

When young people sign up to become members of their local Children’s University they receive a Passport to Learning. The more they learn the greater reward they earn, starting with a Bronze Award for 30 hours of activities up to a Gold Fellowship Award for 1,000 hours.

A little about Children’s University: if you do an activity that sounds like it meets the criteria  then the time you spend might be eligible and count towards CU hours.  If the club/event you attend isn’t listed you can email the CU and nominate it.   If you're not sure please come and ask the school office.