You are probably aware of the publicity surrounding the concerns for children who are spending time playing age inappropriate games. We have recently carried out a survey across the school and have alerted the children to the risks. I was concerned to hear of some children playing games such as Grand Theft Auto as young as 6 years old.
Although gaming is extremely popular and can provide a fun and social form of entertainment, often encouraging teamwork and cooperation when played with others, it should be noted that games listed as suitable for over 18s could cause lasting emotional/psychological damage and behavioural issues in younger children.
Games of this nature could contain any of the following elements:
  • Violence
  • Sexual activity or sexual innuendo
  • Nudity
  • Bad language
  • Gambling
  • Promotion or use of drugs
  • Promotion of alcohol or tobacco
  • Scary scenes
Sometimes children are playing these games when away form the family home, whilst visiting friends/relatives. Can you please be vigilant about this? For your information, I have included the age recommendations for the games listed below:
  • Call Of Duty - 18+
  • Halo Reach - 16+
  • Minecraft - 7+ (But be careful about communication with strangers via this game)
  • Clash Of Clans - 13+
  • Age of Empires Online - 12+
  • Eve Online - 12+
  • Grand Theft Auto - 18+
  • Far Cry - 18+
  • Battlefield - 18+
  • Red Dead Redemption -18+
  • World Of Warcraft - 18+
  • Game Of War - 18+