WELCOME to our home learning area - Information For Parents

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Welcome to this area of the website designed to support you and your child with their learning at home.


Now that the majority of us are in isolation and school is closed for the foreseeable future, we will be updating this dedicated home learning area. We will also continue to update and add to the new online learning platform - almost all children now have their logins (as at Friday 27th March).  Here within this section of the website we will also include any new advice that we receive from the Government.


This is a worrying and difficult time for everyone, but we shall endeavour to make the best of what is a very tough situation for our pupils and the wider community. It goes without saying that we find ourselves in pretty remarkable and uncertain times right now. More than anything, I hope that any impact the COVID-19 situation has on you, your friends and your family it's minimal.


During what is an unsettling time for everyone, we thank you for your support and kind words. Be assured, we are available if you would like to contact us with questions or if there is anything else we can do to support you and your family. Please contact us through the email addresses here these are being checked regularly;





All children were given a Home Learning Pack when school closed. The new eSchools online learning platform is updated at the start of each week with work set by class teachers. Please encourage your child to log on regularly to check for any updates and view any messages from their teacher.  Children can also write a blog to their class or teacher and send emails via this platform.  Both of these allow children to attach a document or a photo etc too.  We would love to receive something from each child at least weekly. 


Our school Facebook page is more an information platform - please follow our school page if you're not doing so yet.  Additionally, if you do not follow Facebook please advise us so that we know to get information posted on Facebook sent to you by other means.


It might help to have a set routine at home to help ensure that your child knows when it is learning time or free time. Below is a suggested idea of a timetable for a possible home learning day and is loosely based on a school day.











& spelling





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Whilst having some structure will help don't forget to get moving too - go outdoors as much as you can children enjoy outside learning - use your garden space or a quiet space near your home, limit screen time and most of all enjoy some family time.  There are some fantastic free interactive websites available - lots of children are enjoying PE with Joe https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/pe-with-joe-1254.html  Teachers have included links within their Class online learning platforms too. There are lots of links included HERE too.


Remember this is a very anxious time for everyone, your child included. They might hear lots around them that they do not understand which in itself is scary and worrying, but also they will pick up on the tension and anxiety of their trusted adults. Times will become more challenging as the weeks go forward, sometimes their anxiety will show through as behaviour issues that are not normally seen. At times there may be more meltdowns, more tantrums, more arguments but this is normal and to be expected in these circumstances that are far from normal. Our children need our love and care at present, they need reassurance that everything is going to be okay and to feel connected with loved ones. My advice would be to focus on the fun stuff and on being together safe and well. Get creative, inside and out in the garden as much as possible, play, bake, paint, sing, and laugh lots. During this time, the focus does not yet need to be on academic stuff. We will be here to support you and your child and help them to catch up academically.


In the meantime, below is a link to a story that might help explain Coronavirus to your child.


Take care and follow the Government guidelines and stay safe and well.