RE and Worship

Breage School has adopted the Understanding Christianity Project to teach the Christianity aspect of the Cornwall SACRE Agreed Syllabus. The 22 units of work teach Christianity in the context of the Bible to give a coherent understanding of the subject and to give the wider story of the history and development of the religion.
The other element of the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus is the Curriculum Kernewek. This is studied in the second half of the Spring Term (St. Piran's Day and its impact on Cornwall both spiritually and culturally) and in the second half of the summer term where we look at our own church, St Breaca and St Petroc.
Other world religions:
Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism are taught on a three year rolling programme with the whole school studying the same religion at the same time. Judaism is studied at KS2 (as required by the SACRE Agreed Syllabus) and is taught once every three years.
The school comes together daily as a family for our assembly/ act of worship. The worship changes throughout the year and follows a plan to ensure that different topics are addressed across the school year.  The plan includes out RE topics, school values, British values, Co-operative values, SEAL topics, Bible stories and the church year.