Pets As Therapy

Welcome to our Pets As Therapy page which is only possible because of the thoughtfulness of PAT volunteer, Bob.  Bob has been in school on many occasions inspiring children to read, many were once reluctant readers, but now they rush to pick up a book to read to Ki or Dolly.
Featured in the video is Polly, Ki and Dolly.  Ki and Polly are labradors and are brother and sister - they're 10 years' old. Dolly is a dalmatian and is 5 years' old and has only recently received her PAT status.
Rosie was our first visitor to school but being 14 years old she has now retired from PAT duties. We are incredibly lucky to have Bob visit the children with Ki or Dolly - the children have instant beaming smiles the moment they see them arrive!  During school closure Bob has been making these videos for the children to enjoy.
Above: having a break from story-time: it's play-time here.
Below - watch Band Bob, Rosie, Dolly & Polly - watch until the end - they're all joining in!
Above: a short poem (Polar Bear, Polar Bear) and  below a pre-lockdown walk.