School Camp 2017

17th May 2017
Friday 19th May - 1.30pm update
The coach has just departed Porthpean and is expected to arrive back at school by 3pm. 
Friday 19th May - 8am update
Everyone had a sleep in this morning until 6.45am. They're all currently packing up their tents (and the big bag of laundry they have for you). Breakfast is at 8.40am followed by archery and climbing. Coach departs after lunch. Miss Burgess will text when they leave and is expecting the journey to take an hour and a half.
Thursday 18th May - 10pm update
Children had a choice of curry, lasagne, pizza or quiche for dinner. Some children played a game of charades before a cup of milk and a biscuit. The camp is silent - they're asleep already.
Thursday 18th May 2017 - 5.00pm update
Miss Burgess has been in the water with a group of children coasteering and kayaking.  Mrs Roberts went canoeing then coasteering also with a group of children.  The beach activities were enjoyed by all today. Everyone's now showered and ready for dinner which I think is pizza!  The teachers are tired ... but the children are still full of energy!  
Three boys are missing from the group picture below - apparently they were still sorting out their wetsuit boots!
Thursday 18th May - 7am update
Everyone made it through the night - no tears at all. They were all asleep by 10.15pm but some stirring as early as 5am! All are happy and bubbly this morning.  They're making dream catchers and mobiles at the moment to decorate their tents. Breakfast is at 8.30am. 
Wednesday 17th May - 9.20pm update
All of the children ate well at dinner (roast chicken).  Ewan won the fancy dress competition with a super Green Goblin outfit.  Photos of the competition will be shared on return from camp.  Children are in bed and Miss Burgess and Mrs Roberts will be doing final checks shortly. A great start to school camp.
Wednesday 17th May 2017 - 5pm update
Everyone has had a great afternoon with everybody giving the "High Ropes" a go!  The weather has brightened up and is looking rather nice.  Everyone's having some chill time before dinner.  This evening there is a fancy dress competition then a drink and a biscuit before wash, teeth clean and bed. 
Wednesday 17th May 2017 - 1.15pm update
The children have arrived safely at camp.  Some are busy settling in "making camp" whilst others play football!  High Ropes activity starts soon this afternoon.